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Monday, May 08, 2006

Waistline Blues

A reader recently asked a very pertinent question about how high overweight people should wear their pants around their waistlines. This is a great question because guts force overweight people to an often difficult decision regarding their waistlines.

I need to start by saying that this issue really splits the world of Fatshion into two categories depending on body type. We'll start with the least typical type--pear shaped. Pear shaped people are those who carry their weight more like women than men--in their hips, thighs and ass. For these people, it's easier to wear pants higher because the hips provide a natural curve upon which pants can rest. The problem is, most moderately overweight people do not have this body type.

Typical overweight males are more often apple shaped than pear shaped. Apple shaped body types are categorized by a larger gut with a tapering deflated-man-ass. Essentially, apple shaped people are largest around the midsection and have an ass that is disproportionately small for their body size. Ten times out of ten, this causes problems with the issue of where someone's waistline falls. For moderately overweight people, pants should be worn below the gut but as high as possible other than that. There isn't any difference for the types of pants or the look you're trying to achieve, but keeping the pants as high as possible while resting below the gut is crucial.

The problems with the decision to go above the gut are that your waist size can instantly go from 42 to 52, and your style goes from fashion forward to nursing-home-esque in under four seconds.

Things that can help include purchasing slacks and jeans with "long rise" options. Eddie Bauer is a great place to purchase dress slacks because they offer long rise for a nominal charge. The long rise simply adds length between the crotch and waistline and is very important when trying to keep your pants as high as possible while maintaining a comfortable feel. Another viable option is purchasing suit separates as slacks. This allows you to have the pants tailored to your specifications for around $130.00.

The thing that we want to avoid at all costs is an intentionally sagging look. Don't be afraid to buy pants in a larger size so they will actually fit you where you need to wear them. Nothing looks worse than when a fat man is forced to sag because the waistline of his pants is too small, and remember to always wear a belt.


At 4:19 PM, Blogger andy said...

I'll second the last line of this post - always wear a belt. If not for the practical reason of keeping your pants on, it helps to break up the monotony of a fat body and "adds vertical interest."

Also, pants w/o a belt just look sloppy.


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