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Long ago I had an idea. This idea was to create a safe-haven where fat people could learn the folly of their poor dressing ways. The idea was predicated on the belief that behaving and presenting yourself in certain ways dictates success, happiness and public perceptions both good and bad. This idea, and this idea alone, has lead to the creation of the Fatshion Blog. Learn to maximize your potential in life by maximizing others' perceptions of you.

Friday, March 10, 2006

More Than Meets the Eye...

As with many things in life, that which seems to be the most simple is often that which is most overlooked. The crux of Fatshion hinges upon a person's ability to lay down a good foundation. If you can't get this part down, you might as well cease every effort you're making beyond this. Upon this item, streamline looks can be achieved or disaster can ensue. It is the ubiquitous garb that many consider an afterthought, but here at Fatshion, we know that the undershirt sets the proverbial stage for everything you wear. The benefits of a perfect undershirt are numerous, and the detriments of a poor undershirt are just as strong.

The perfect undershirt consists of the perfect combination of a taught neckline and a form-fitting body. From here, we can build the base for Fatshion. I've been on record saying that a loose, stretched out neck hole is absolute disaster for the moderately overweight. It gives the appearance that you're a slob, and it evokes a subconscious response from others that can not be overridden by anything else you wear. It is of utmost importance that the necklines of your undershirts be near perfect all the time.

The way the body of the perfect undershirt fits someone can allow the wearer to look 20-30 pounds thinner when compared to a poorly fitting undershirt. A good rule of thumb is to go two sizes lower for your undershirts than for your outer clothing. If you are a 2XL wearer, you should never wear an undershirt larger than a size L. Now, one problem that many overweight people incur when they purchase smaller sized undershirts is that the length is insufficient. The answer to this is incredibly simple--purchase tall undershirts. Every single undershirt I've worn for the past five years of my life has been size large-tall. This allows for ample room to tuck the undershirt in.

When you're wearing a perfectly fitting undershirt, not only will you look slimmer, you'll also avoid a few pitfalls. The largest undershirt pitfall is the classic undershirt showing out of the armholes of a t-shirt.

A few miscellaneous tips can help you along the way. Always tuck your undershirt in. The only place you should ever see your undershirt is at the V of a shirt with a button or crewneck collar. This next one comes as a shocker to most people, so I'll explain in detail, but never wear a colored undershirt. Colored undershirts can look good, but an overwhelming majority of the time, they look cheesy and childish--especially when you're dressing up. The problem with the colored undershirt is simple: if it looks bad (and it looks bad about 80% of the time), then you can look like a complete buffoon. If it looks good, however, it doesn't add anything from a fashion standpoint. Basically, a colored undershirt only has the options of looking as good or worse (better is not an option) than a white one, and any risk you take where you can only break even or lose is a risk that's not worth taking.

Properly fitting undershirts are the least expensive purchases that makes the biggest changes in your look. Aside from giving off the appearance that you're neat and well groomed, properly fitting undershirts can make you look much slimmer and reduce the size and pointiness of any man breasts present. You can never build a great house without first having a solid foundation.


At 3:18 PM, Blogger Isaac said...

ground-breaking stuff TC. keep it up.

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous stacybo said...

this is actually very interesting.
you need a women's section.

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I figured this out a couple of years ago. I had a problem with my man boobs and my nipples were always poking out through my shirt. I started wearing t-shirts that were to small to keep everything from bulging out. Good advice!

At 4:39 PM, Blogger tuleru said...

TC, great advice on the crew neck undershirts and I'm not a fat person, your well articulated ideas apply to every body size. Since I started buying smaller sizes I've gotten where I wear one underneath nearly all my shirts, it takes a few days to get used to a snug fit but the advantages are the undershirt never bunches when putting on the outer shirt, the neck stays "taught" as you say and the arms are short and snug so the only place the undershirt shows is at the neck.

As for colored undershirts, with white, you never have to figure out if the color match is right, just put on the clean white T and that is it, ready to go. The white is showing at the collar but it is consistent day to day and I think conveys a straightforward confident look.


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